About our Family

Welcome to our journey!

We are Kerry and Dave Blondheim, and we live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Our relationship goes back to our high school years, which means we've known each other for quite some time. We met in high school as state officers for the vocational organization that is now SkillsUSA (formerly VICA), which is how we became friends despite living more than 2 hours apart. After Dave graduated high school, we began dating and continued a long-distance relationship through the 4 years he was at Michigan Technological University.

We closed that distance after his graduation while Kerry finished her degree at UW-Green Bay while David began his career as a manufacturing engineer. The summer Kerry graduated, David proposed to her, and we got married a year later.

Dave's career path involves plenty of continued learning with a MBA through UW-Oshkosh and a Masters of Industrial Engineering through Purdue University, all done while working full time in the manufacturing world. He's a licensed Professional Engineer and now heads up the engineering team at a foundry.

Kerry's career unknowingly was a huge part of God's plan for our lives. Kerry began with a small non-profit social services organization that helps people with different needs live and work as independently as possible in the community. As the organization grew to one of the largest service providers in the state, Kerry grew into the role of Human Resources Director. This path opened Kerry's eyes to the service world and gave her the opportunity to interact with some amazing individuals.

For several years, we struggled with infertility and were told by doctors we wouldn't have children naturally on their own. God's plans were different, and we welcomed our son Ansel James (AJ) into the world in September 2011. Kerry traded her role as the HR Director for the role of full-time parent, although she stayed involved with her organization through consulting and then part-time work.

God blessed us with our second son in July 2013, and that's where the stories on this blog really begin. After nearly 2 years of testing and questioning and plenty of medical visits, Teddy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that was discovered in 2011 called Multiple Congenital Anomalies-Hypotonia-Seizures Syndrome 1. This disorder is a Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation, more specifically an anchor disorder affecting the PIGN gene. Because it's such a rare and newly discovered disorder, there's not a lot of information available. We decided one thing we could do was start a blog to create a bit more awareness and give other families with this disorder the opportunity to connect.

We're starting our blog in early 2016, so we have a bit of catch up to do. We plan to do some historical posts that we backdate to approximately when events occurred to get you caught up on our story as well as share our current experiences with our on-going journey. Thanks for joining us!

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