Friday, June 16, 2017

Getting Hot & Sweaty with Teddy

AJ has spent this entire week at my folks' house, filling his days with LEGOs, games, Lite Brite and more. He's went to Firehouse Ceramics twice to work on pottery, and he spent all day yesterday at Circus World. Honestly, I'm a bit jealous.

As nice as it is for AJ to spend some time enjoying himself (instead of going along to three appointments for Teddy this week and having Teddy constantly requiring my attention), it's also nice to have Teddy to myself. We get a few more snuggles and cuddles in the morning. Teddy doesn't bug me about tablet or TV ... in fact, I can pick out a movie to watch with him because I know he won't repeat any of the swear words or be scared by the bad guys.

It also gave me the opportunity to take Teddy for a run. Normally Teddy and I run with myTEAM Triumph on Monday nights, but the weather didn't cooperate this week. I had a 5-mile run on my training calendar, so Teddy and I hit the trails in Neenah after his therapy appointment. (It was one of his best PT appointments I can recall. He did 11 sit-ups without complaints, did all the sit-to-stand activities and obstacle course that was expected of him and rode the tricycle like a rock star.)
The Trestle Trail bridge is so scenic.
It was hot. Running when it's 78°F and sunny while pushing a stroller (with a few flat tires that I discovered after about a half mile) makes it feel like you're running in Death Valley. But it was a beautiful place to run. We went along a portion of the half marathon route for the Fox Cities, so I sort of knew where I was going enough to not get lost. The trail goes along the water for a good portion and is rather peaceful as long as you don't mind the sweat pouring off you.

I wonder why only one of us is red as a lobster? Maybe next time Teddy can push me.
Afterward, Teddy insisted we go check out the park. It was a pretty awesome park, and he had a blast. He went down a few slides all by himself (first one was belly first ... not his best idea). We definitely need to go back there as a family to perhaps take the paddleboard out on the water, walk the bridge together and play in the park.

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