Thursday, May 11, 2017

Touch a Truck

Yesterday I took the boys to something called Touch a Truck, which was basically a collection of large vehicles on display for children to explore. This was the first time we ever attended the free event, and I'm glad we arrived a bit early because the parking lot was jam packed when we left.

Our first stop was one of my (and AJ's) favorites. It was one of those advertising trucks with clear glass, so you can put in different advertisements or have people or things on display inside. AJ and Teddy got to trace their handprints on the glass. (AJ might be biased because this truck gave out quarter counters to help children save $5, loaded with the first quarter.)

From there, we checked out a police SWAT vehicle, pickup truck, semi truck, tow truck and mail truck. Teddy was so excited to climb into all these vehicles that he did an amazing job with steps, lifting his legs with no prompting even for some steps that were twice as high as a standard stair step! Perfect physical therapy for him!

I really hope this is the last time Teddy's in the back of a police vehicle ...

I was surprised that every truck had some sort of treat for the boys, whether stickers, pencils, candy or cookies. AJ and Teddy were in heaven between all the vehicles and treats (aside from the loud horns for AJ). We passed the lines for a few things like the street sweeper and snowplow, but we managed the fairly long line to explore the fire truck.

Teddy and AJ both loved the fire truck! They got to sit in the drivers seat and then explore where the other firefighters ride. As one firefighter lifted Teddy into the truck, I got to chuckle. "Ooof, this kid is heavy! Wow! He's really solid. He weighs a lot more than it looks like he does." Maybe he was surprised because he saw me carrying Teddy and helping him in and out of the front of the truck. Or maybe he just expected Teddy to be a lightweight. Maybe he was expecting a child without hypotonia who supports more body weight. Regardless, I chuckled. When a firefighter, who's trained to carry fully grown adults out of burning buildings, says my child is heavy ... well, that's saying something. 

How cool is this? They were the first handprints in the truck.

Our final stop was a transport truck, where Teddy proudly walked up the ramp and then all around the inside trailer. Aside from the fire truck, that was his favorite. There's something about the freedom to roam in a vehicle that he absolutely loves, and this one had space to roam.

We may have only been there an hour or so, but we had a lot of fun and left with very full pockets and big smiles.

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