Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Teddy and the Easter Bunny

Teddy's not a big fan of costumed characters, so visits with the Easter Bunny in past years have involved tears. Well, this year with Teddy's increased mobility, he simply hopped off the bench and walked quickly away from the Easter Bunny at our local grocery store ... all while AJ tried to hold onto Teddy for a quick picture. The Easter Bunny tried bribing Teddy back with candy, but Teddy was not going anywhere near him.

I'm leaving now. Right now.

Even though Teddy may not care for the Easter Bunny, he was plenty happy to play with all the treats he got from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny left him a cowboy hat at my parents' house, which Teddy finds fascinating. He's worn it far longer than I'd have imagined, and the strings are absolutely delicious. An added bonus is that AJ's only lassoed Teddy one time around the neck while practicing his roping skills ... thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

This cowboy was calling to say there's a new sheriff in town.

Then the Easter Bunny made a stop by our house with sand castle buckets filled with some treats for the boys. The Easter Bunny brought Teddy therapy putty, which is like Silly Putty. Teddy got two containers to try, and the rest are tucked away for later. It was a good opportunity to give him something like this to help with his fine motor development and give him some variety so he doesn't have just Play Dough to eat play.

The best trinket in Teddy's basket, though, was a bubble gun. It has a trigger like a gun, hence the name, and blows bubbles using battery power when the trigger is squeezed. It's absolutely perfect because for the first time Teddy can make bubbles himself. With us helping to hold the gun level (and keep it from getting tossed around when he gets excited), he can squeeze the trigger to make bubbles appear. It's an added bonus that he works on isolating his index finger, but it's so cool to see him excited to blow bubbles.


This was one of those holidays where our boys were thoroughly spoiled, but it felt good. There was time with both our families, including my nearly 95-year-old grandfather. There wasn't the frustration that Teddy couldn't enjoy the activities or the struggles to find something appropriate for him. Those are the good holidays.

Now ... if only we could get these children to sleep. Let's just say we didn't need to wake Teddy up to be to sunrise service at 5:45 a.m. He was wide awake at 4:40 a.m. I might have carried him downstairs and deposited him with Dave's folks saying, "He has risen."

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