Sunday, April 30, 2017

Race Days are the Best

Teddy completed the Oshkosh 5k today, which was his third race with myTEAM Triumph. I've written about MTT in the past here and here. Short summary is MTT is an incredible organization that partners angels with captains like Teddy who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate in these type of athletic events.

When I saw a call for additional captains, I signed up Teddy since we were around this weekend with me registered already for the half marathon. I'm so glad we did because today was one of those days that makes my heart so full and so happy.

Teddy and I got to see the MTT support van with Teddy's smiling face!

A few captains were unable to make the race because of rather cruddy weather, barely 40 degrees with the threat of rain and gusty winds, so Teddy had several extra angels. He absolutely loved all the attention!

Teddy loved having all the extra angels today!

I had hoped to catch up to Teddy because the 5k ran the same first mile as the half marathon, but his team was too fast. No wonder, they were the first MTT team to cross the finish line. In fact, they were so fast (with their head start before the 5k started) that only one 5k finisher crossed the finish line before them. The person who was about to finish in second place stopped to allow Teddy and his team to cross. When Teddy's angels attempted to wave this person past to his 2nd place finish, he insisted in walking across with Teddy.

Notice the man in blue cheering Teddy across the finish line!

I didn't witness it because I was somewhere on the half marathon course, but from the snippet of video, pictures and descriptions from my family and the MTT organizers, it was one of those magical moments.

Teddy thought his trophy was pretty cool.

So thank you to the man in blue who let Teddy finish ahead of you. Thank you to his enormous team of angels who made the day special for him. Thank you to his angel Sheila for the two autographed children's books that she authored and gave to Teddy. Thank you to my family for cheering on Captain Teddy. Thank you to MTT for making days like this possible.

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