Tuesday, January 10, 2017

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

If you've ever seen the movie A Christmas Story, then you're familiar with the line, "You'll shoot your eye out!" in response to the child's request for a Red Rider BB gun. The 9-year-old eventually ends up with his coveted request.

Where's this going? Teddy is now the proud owner of a Red Rider BB gun, a Christmas gift from his uncle. This is the same uncle who has given Teddy a really sweet buck knife and a hatchet. Let's just say Teddy gets incredibly awesome gifts, although the age appropriateness of them might be questioned. (Had this uncle made it to Green Bay prior to Christmas, there is a chance Teddy would have received throwing knives ... maybe next year.)

Relax, mom, it's fine motor skills.

Now, before you question our sanity or report us to Child Protective Services, Teddy's hatchet and buck knife are tucked safely away in his keepsake box on the top shelf of his closet. Even Teddy can't climb up there (only because there's not enough items in the bottom of his closet to give him enough height).

The BB gun is mounted safely above Teddy's window, where it won't cause any issues for either child (and the rest of our guns are secured in our gun safe). It serves as a reminder of how much Teddy's uncle cares about him ... and as he grows older will be great fine motor practice for isolating his index finger and strengthening it.

No eyes will be shot out any time soon.
Speaking of index finger, in the past two weeks, Teddy has been isolating his index finger more and more ... for the first time. This means he's poking and pointing with his index finger, leading with it to push it across the table, tablet, tent or whatever surface he finds. This is a tremendous milestone for him, considering his OT has only been working with him on it for more than 2 years (pretty much since we started OT when he was 1). Whohoo!

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