Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter Hot Tub

This weekend we attended the 3rd birthday party of our niece and nephew. These are the cousins who have been the hardest to see with Teddy for a simple yet selfish reason. These cousins are 6 months younger than Teddy. Despite being premature, these spunky twins quickly began to run laps around Teddy in terms of milestones (literally). It's gotten easier as the years have continued, but those early months and years were so hard to watch them do things easily while Teddy tried so hard and still couldn't master those skills.

Anyways, enough of a troubled trip down memory lane. The point of this post is that we spent a few very fun hours at a hotel waterpark as part of their birthday party before heading back to their house for cake, ice cream and playing with other kids' toys, which are always way more fun than the endless toys we already own in our house.

All 7 cousins had so much fun playing in the water. There was a kiddie area that was perfect for entertaining most of the kids, complete with a little slide. Teddy loved the slide but collapsed back into the slide instead of sitting upright. That meant that every time he went down with his mouth wide open, he had a mouthful of water in his huge smile when you pulled him out. I just started tipping him upside down to drain out the water before plopping him back on his feet for the next round.

My favorite part, though, was the indoor/outdoor hot tub. It was about 15 degrees outside, but it was so comfortable and refreshing to be in the hot tub outside. We took all the cousins outside and even managed a quick family photo of the 4 of us. Nothing quite like being outside in your swimsuit with snow on the ground.

Thanks to my sis-in-law for standing outside barefoot in the snow to take this picture.

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