Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Power of Positive

As I helped Teddy off the bus this morning, his aide was calling him a goof because he kept pulling his hat off. She said that was their game on the drive home was him pulling on and off his hat to play peek-a-boo, followed with, "His laugh is adorable!"

That simple comment made my morning, along with knowing he had a good bus ride home playing with her. (I'll just say the usual aides aren't working this week, so we have some new faces both in the morning and afternoon. I'm liking this afternoon change and hoping it may be permanent.)

I also got a boost when I read Teddy's reports from his therapists at school. It looks like he worked with a different OT this week who wrote, "Teddy tried hard!" I'd much rather hear that than he wasn't the most successful with accepting his snack one piece at a time using the pincer grasp. I still understand that from your note, but thank you for framing it in a positive manner. And thank you for recognizing, "Teddy always has a smile!" He may struggle in many areas, but making people happy with his perfect smile is not one!

I also loved his note from his PT, which referenced him working hard, and said, "He stood up in the middle of the floor today - used his hands on the floor and just stood up!" The exclamation point tells me this is the first she's seen that, which isn't surprising since he's only really been doing it since the week before Christmas.

Trust me, as Teddy's mom, I fully understand where Teddy's lacking in skills. It's nice to get these reports with a touch of optimism as well, even if he needs "maximum support" in modeling the sign for "more."

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