Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sledding Fun

Since the forecast for tonight is -2, I thought I'd share how much fun we had this past weekend when it was so nice and warm (like 20 degrees). We spent the weekend up north celebrating Christmas and New Year's with Dave's family, as has become our tradition. One of our favorite things to do is take all the cousins sledding. The 5 oldest cousins were there, which made for plenty of fun on the sledding hill.

Think this kid loves sledding?

I love sledding with Teddy for several reasons:
  1. He loves being outside.
  2. He loves playing with snow ... and eating it.
  3. Sledding is great for his core.
  4. Sledding also gives him opportunities to work on his fine motor and speech.
But perhaps most significantly:

The sledding hill was the great equalizer for Teddy this past weekend. His challenges and delays weren't as obvious because he was one of the kids, laughing and playing in the snow. So what if he got pulled to the top of the hill every time? All the other kids tried to con us into pulling them up, too. And realistically, he would have hopped to the top if all the other children wouldn't have aimed their sleds right for him.

Teddy's cousin is intentionally blocking Teddy's path ... no mercy!

I even commented to Dave that things were easier for those moments because Teddy seemed more like the other children ... it was less work even though we were hauling 40 pounds up the hill at minimum, depending on how many other kiddos jumped in the sled.

What is it about kids eating snow?
Now, we need it to warm up about 20 degrees and dump several more inches of snow in our yard, so we can go sledding down our little hill. Wait, did I just ask for more snow?

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