Friday, December 9, 2016

So Much Happy

So many good things have happened this week that each could be its own blog post.

There's Teddy's last swim class of the semester with his awesome instructors. These two students have been phenomenal with Teddy, making swim class a highlight each week. They greeted him with a smile, engaged him every class and made class so much fun for him. When I asked them for feedback for future teachers for Teddy, their advice included, "Keetp doing different things to stimulate him because he'd be happy doing the same thing the entire hour," and "He really can do a lot of things. If you show him how, he will copy you." Those statements show me that they cared about Teddy learning and developing throughout the class and they saw the potential in Teddy. I was amazed and did my happy dance this week when his teachers surprised Teddy with a parting Christmas gift of a super snuggly Finding Dory blanket, pillow and squeaky bath toy. We certainly didn't expect them to get Teddy anything, and it's touching that they thought so much of Teddy to do something like that.

Best. Instructors. Ever.

There's also the incredibly fun afternoon we had with our friends exchanging Christmas presents, experimenting with dry ice, making Christmas wreathes and decorating gingerbread tents. For the record, tents are so much easier than houses, and it works for us since we really like camping. It was such a fun afternoon and made what otherwise would have been a long day with no school one of the best days I've had in a long time.

Then there's my co-worker who texted to see if we needed any help with the boys or anything while we're on vacation. Although we think we have everything handled with the boys, the thought crossed my mind that we should really line up snow removal for any big snowstorms. Since my co-worker offered "anything," I asked if she'd clear our driveway, so my mom doesn't have to worry about that while watching the boys. The instantaneous response was yes. This is something I normally wouldn't ask, so it was a bit of a reach to ask for this help, but she made it so easy to do with her offer.

Oh yeah, there's also the fact that Dave and I leave tomorrow for our first vacation alone in more than 5 years. Maybe looking forward to the week exploring our national park in the Virgin Islands is why I'm really so happy.

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