Thursday, November 3, 2016

Swim Class

Teddy absolutely loves water. He's always super excited to go swimming in a pool (or splash in it or drink the delicious chlorinated pool water). So I was excited to find an Adapted Aquatics class through the YMCA for something like $40 for 10-12 classes. This class is specifically designed for people with disabilities ages 3 and older. What I didn't realized when I enrolled Teddy is that his teachers would be students at the local university, UW-Oshkosh.

This Adapted Aquatics class is a course that students take as part of their physical education curriculum to learn how to adapt their teaching style to different disabilities. Teddy is matched with two students who are his teachers for the entire semester, and they work with him for an hour in the pool each week. Teddy is the youngest child in the class probably by a few years, but he's also one of the happiest. I swear he has a smile on his face most of hour (except when he's slurping up some pool water). Teddy was one of the last to leave the pool this week and kept trying to guide his teachers back to the pool instead of coming to me.

 "Seriously, guys, the pool is right there! Where are we going? There's still water right there! Oh, hi mom."

Playing peek-a-boo with his teacher.

I won't lie. Part of the reason I love swim class is because I'm not in the water with Teddy. I'm happy not to get almost drowned because he's half my height and is a lot to manage for a full swim class (so it helps he has two teachers). The other part is swim class gives a whole hour that I get to watch how much fun Teddy has without having to be the one responsible for his safety. That's a rare, rare thing because if I'm around Teddy, I'm responsible for him. Swim class is the chance I get to just enjoy the fun my child is having, laugh at his silliness and be amazed at new things he's doing. And I get to see how much fun everyone else is having as well without my focus solely being on Teddy.

His teachers are amazing with him!

I think this class is a wonderful experience for the UW-Oshkosh students and a true benefit for the those receiving the lessons. Kudos to whoever created this class and to all those who continue to make it a reality.

Check out Teddy making a basket!

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