Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cousin Love

Although Teddy's been walking for months, he's really been gaining confidence and control in the last month or so. His cousins were amazed when they spent last weekend together up north.

His youngest three cousins enjoy playing with Teddy, and they all get along fairly well. They're fairly tolerant of Teddy being Teddy, stealing their food, inserting himself into others' personal space, etc. The cousin closest in age has taken to saying, "He's so cute," which is pretty funny coming from her.

Even the cousin who has the least interest in Teddy commented, "Teddy's walking!" That might be a bad thing for him because that means Teddy can invade his personal space much easier.

As his oldest cousin Dakota was falling asleep one night, she was talking with my mother-in-law. She said she was so proud of Teddy because he could walk. She said he's still a bit "wiggly," but he could really walk. It's so neat to see the support they have for Teddy ... when they're not complaining about him destroying things or hiding in a bedroom to play LEGOs without his interference.

Also, this weekend Teddy managed to climb the ladder to the slide, position himself correctly and go down the slide feet first all by himself (with an adult standing nearby as a spotter). That was pretty impressive to witness. It's amazing how far he's come!

Teddy was diving through the line ... true Teddy fashion.

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