Saturday, October 15, 2016

Teddy's Second Race

Less than two weeks ago, we decided we'd be sticking close to home this weekend, so I checked to see if there were any captain/angel spots still available with MyTEAM Triumph for the Africa Hope Run. Teddy immediately got a spot as a captain, and I found out this past Monday that I could join his team as well.

Dave and I headed to the race with Teddy bright and early this morning. His angels were a mother/daughter-in-law combo, along with me. They were great with Teddy, interacting with him and getting others to cheer for him along the course.

One of the neat things was Teddy practiced his high fives this race, starting with giving one to Captain Jacob before the race. Then a race volunteer asked for one, and Teddy lifted his hand all by himself for a high five. (If I sound excited, it's because we've been working on that hand motion for a long time in OT!)

Celebrity Captain Ted giving out high fives.

The best was Teddy climbing out of his chair with his big smile to finish the race. He walked holding his angels' hands with me in front to try to keep him focused. (But, Mom, there's all these people over here! I could just walk here and see them all!) He was more focused than his first race, but he gave high fives and smiles to people along the way.

It's amazing to watch all these individuals come together to participate and celebrate. There was a large group of students who came to be angels, and that group was all at the finish line cheering for Teddy when he crossed.

So happy to be walking across the finish line with his angels!
We talked with a few younger captains, likely middle-school age, and it was neat to hear what they've done with MyTEAM Triumph. I loved how one of them approached me about Teddy, "Can I ask you what he has?" I thought her question was such a thoughtful way to ask. She gave me the option not to talk about it or share Teddy's diagnosis. She didn't ask what was wrong with him. I'm sure she's gotten many appropriate and inappropriate questions through the years, so she's learned what she likes to hear.

(Funny sidenote: A 7- or 8-year-old asked Dave at swim class why Teddy needed his wheelchair. Dave's reply started with, "He has a genetic disorder ..." Dave's still working on age-appropriate answers.)

Although we didn't have our own cheering section of family or friends because we did this last minute, Teddy certainly had plenty of folks cheering for him and had an amazing time!

My favorite picture of Captain Teddy!

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