Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Skill

Tonight the boys were playing in the basement, and I noticed Teddy wearing a running medal. I asked AJ if he helped put it on Teddy. He said he hadn't and then got all excited. "Teddy has a new skill! He learned to put on running medals. That's a new skill for him!"

Now, Teddy can put things around his neck, but he usually pulls them right off. So this was sort of new for him to leave them on for a period of time. What made me chuckle was AJ celebrating this as a new skill ... not the language you hear from most 5-year-old boys. His word choice made me laugh, but his enthusiasm for Teddy's accomplishment kept the smile on my face longer.


  1. How awesome is this⁉️ YAy for Teddy and AJ‼️❤️

    1. They're both pretty special boys!