Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope your day was filled with more treats than tricks. Our boys had a wonderful day, filled with candy, candy and more candy.

One of the few pics of us in costume with Teddy's hot air balloon.

Treats included:
  • AJ telling us that they visited some old people, like grandma and grandpa, who gave them extra candy. (This was his version of telling us the sitter took them to the assisted living facility where she works to go trick-or-treating.)
  • AJ's one grandma insisting he was referring to the other grandparents. So I asked him, "Old like which grandparents." His reply was "All of them."
  • Trick-or-treating with friends who helped carry Teddy's bag to score lots of candy for him, too. Just because he doesn't talk doesn't mean he won't mow through Halloween candy.
  • Teddy having a cool costume that got quite a few compliments, didn't require him to walk and get tired or be awkwardly carried and gave him built-in entertainment.
  • Two sets of our neighbors having special goodie bags for our boys. As in, bags filled with coloring books, stickers and the like, along with oodles of candy.
Tricks included:
  • Dave taking pictures of the boys ... only to discover after they went to bed that there was no memory card in the camera.
  • Teddy peeing all over while getting his diaper changed before bed.
  • AJ's endless tears from over-stimulation ... one of the things I dread about holidays.
Lesson learned:
  • Parents need to eat a good meal before they go out trick-or-treating. It would greatly help them take the tricks in stride better.

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