Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Celebrating Successes

Naturally, as Teddy's parents, we celebrate his successes and accomplishments with hugs, smiles, praise and sometimes arm flapping when I'm really excited (like the first time he pulled himself to a stand!). It's such a heartwarming experience to see others do the same.

This was the e-mail we got from Teddy's teacher today as soon as class ended:

"I just wanted to email you today to let you know that we were so proud of Teddy. Typically, he crawls or "bunny hops" from place to place, but today he walked around during play time to get from one area to another at least 3 times! We were so excited!"

I'm happy to hear Teddy chose to walk around the classroom today, especially because I know he's capable of that. (I'll admit I still do double takes when I see a child walking in our house because my brain automatically assumes it's AJ. Granted, I should know the difference because AJ doesn't walk like a drunken sailor, but it still sometimes surprises me to see Teddy walking.)

But what makes me really happy are the words "so proud" and so excited!". The fact that his teachers are proud of his accomplishments and excited for his progress makes my day. And Dave agrees.

Unfortunately, he also agrees with me that it's likely Teddy will try to eat his part of the classroom puzzle they're working on this week ... but today we're celebrating successes!

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