Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What's the worst that could happen?

Teddy's open house went well tonight, and we got to meet his teacher and her assistant and his OT, PT and speech therapist. They all seem very nice and competent, and I'm sure they'll fall in love with Teddy. (And, yes, I gave them all a copy of his letter.)

But with school starting in two days, I feel like I've pushed all my worries and fears about school about as far back as possible. So I thought it might be fun to put together a mostly comprehensive list of all my fears and worries ... and then I can check them off if/when they occur. (I know, I need better hobbies.)

If I could fast forward a week or two, I'm sure things will be fine. But for now, here's my list:
  1. I won't know exactly what happens, both good or bad, because Teddy can't tell me.
  2. Teddy will have injuries of unknown origin. 
  3. There's 6, soon to be 7 children, in his classroom with one teacher and one teacher assistant. One of those children is Teddy. You do the math.
  4. Teddy will disrupt the learning environment for the other children because he'll require more attention than anticipated.
  5. Teddy will be the most challenging child in the class because of his delays.
  6. Teddy will lack skills that all the other children in his class have.
  7. Teddy will sit on the other children ... or tackle them ... and then sit on them.
  8. Teddy will bite the other children (but in his defense, this probably only happens if they put their body part in his mouth).
  9. Teddy will find a way to climb into that little window I saw in the classroom.
  10. Teddy will climb everything else in the classroom.
  11. Teddy will eat the books.
  12. Teddy will fall out of the chairs.
  13. Teddy won't follow the instructions and will not comply with classroom activities.
  14. AJ isn't there to protect Teddy, translate for Teddy or report back to me.
  15. Teddy will escape the 5-point harness on the school bus.
  16. Teddy will be a miserable cuss on the 40-minute bus ride.
  17. Teddy will destroy many things in his classroom. 
  18. Teddy will have a seizure at school.
  19. Teddy will have a seizure on the bus.
  20. I'll be that mom.
Hmm, only 20 things. Why does it feel like so much more to worry about? The reality is in two weeks, this will all be a moot point. Many, hopefully most, of these things will never happen. We'll develop solutions for the few fears that become reality. Now to survive the next two weeks ...

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