Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Smiles ... Teddy's Secret Revealed

Ironically, I think I discovered the secret to why Teddy has the most amazing smile in an article entitled "Three Secrets of the Most Well-Liked Speakers." According to this article, the first secret is to smile radiantly.

Radiant describes Teddy's smile perfectly (and the smiles of other children with his diagnosis). The article explains a bit more about the type of smile (out of apparently at least 17 varieties that exist) that helps people be most successful when speaking.

"... the one that's most effective at communicating genuine joy is known as the Duchenne smile named after the 19th-century French scientist Duchenne de Boulogne. Duchenne smiles are characterized by raising the corners of your mouth and cheeks in a way that cinches the crow's feet around your eyes. In other words, it isn't just something you do with your mouth—it transforms your entire face. The timing of your smile and its connection to your speech and behavior are also hallmarks of these genuinely radiant smiles."

Teddy's smiles transform his face. They are radiant. They communicate genuine joy. And I would make the argument, because I'm his mother, that his smiles are timed and connected to others as his way of communicating and connecting with them. Even though he's by definition still non-verbal, he's mastered one of the secrets of most well-liked speakers.

And I've found the name for Teddy's smiles. That makes me smile.

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