Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey Mister DJ!

Teddy discovered his vocation this weekend at a wedding reception. He is destined to be a DJ. Or to stare and smile at DJs ... repeatedly ... at least 20 times in a night.

We attended a wedding reception for Dave's cousin this weekend, and both our boys loved the "dance party" as AJ called it. AJ danced with mostly with his cousins, including a slow dance with one of his cousins, which was adorable with the slow awkward side shuffle step that his dad (and honestly, I) still use.

Teddy was in his element from the moment he was released from his Kimba Kruze after dinner. He loves being around people, so having 150 people in a room is pretty fun for him. He put on many steps, leading whomever around the dance floor, weaving in and out of people. We tried to get him to dance a bit here and there, but his version of dancing was racing across the floor.

He kept circling back to the DJ booth. He'd stop, stare and smile at the DJ. Then I'd lead him back on the dance floor. He'd go past the front of the DJ booth, turn it at the other side, stop, stare and smile at the DJ. Then I'd lead him back further onto the dance floor, and we'd make a lap or two before visiting the DJ again.

I was slightly worried when the dancing began with the strobe lights and flashing colored lights, even though nothing like that has ever been an issue for Teddy with seizures. Thankfully, my biggest worry ended up keeping up with him as he explored everywhere.

The wedding was way more fun than I anticipated (as I had expected it to be a lot of work to manage Teddy). I knew AJ would have a blast with his cousins, as he'd been practicing his dance moves for a couple weeks. (He also panicked that morning when he couldn't find his clip-on tie because he "wouldn't look snazzy enough." Don't worry, we found it, so he looked the appropriate amount of snazzy.) AJ even ordered his first drink at the bar by himself - water with a sword of cherries. I hadn't realized how much fun I'd have watching Teddy and AJ in their element.

Congrats Tracey and Eric! Thanks for a great evening.

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