Monday, July 18, 2016

Party Like It's Your Birthday

We celebrated Teddy's birthday this past weekend, although his birthday isn't until this Thursday. Since he giggles and laughs whenever we play the Purple People Eater song, we did a purple people eater party. Last year I started the tradition of baking sugar cookies. I like that because then we can give them to Teddy's therapists and team members, so they can join in celebrating with us.

Monster cookies are easy to frost because they can look messy.
Of course, we still need to have cake. The monster cake had gold wings (to fly obviously) and a golden horn. Let's just say that Teddy had fun devouring his horn once I filled it with ice cream. He did a great job isolating his pointer finger in the bottom of the cone once he ate the bottom.

Silly purple people eater ... we'll eat you!
There's a funny story about our purple people eater toy, which hadn't been working for months despite new batteries. I asked my brother, who is a computer engineer, if he could fix it. So he ripped it apart, cut wires and the whole nine yards. Turns out one of those new batteries didn't work, which was the whole problem. So after soldering the wires back together, the purple people eater worked just fine. Oops. Guess next time I'll try two new sets of batteries just to be sure.

Purple smile.
Teddy's always been fond of food, and Dave caught him looking quite serious while destroying his cake and ice cream horn. He managed to stay awake until everyone left (aside from my family who were staying longer).

Dad, I'm busy eating right now.
I feel like this is the first birthday where he's really been interested in ripping open presents. He did pretty good with the first present and then was completely distracted. (Why do I need to open anything else? This is awesome!!!) Fortunately, he has an older brother who was more than willing to help.

Opening presents is a milestone for Teddy.
Teddy loved playing with all the family and friends. Whether it was joining the water balloon fun outside and playing with the hose or wrestling inside, he had a great time at his party. Thanks to everyone who was able to join us celebrating Teddy's birthday.

It's my party. I'll tackle you if I want to.
P.S. You can expect a birthday post later this week as well.

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