Monday, July 11, 2016

Family Hugs

Yesterday, I came home after being gone 5 nights. And it felt good to be home and see my boys again.

AJ hugged me tightly, squeezing his eyes shut in pure bliss to be in my arms. Teddy gave me the most complete hug I've ever received from him, squeezing and holding both arms around me for the first time I can recall. And Dave cried tears of sheer joy to have me home. (OK, I'm joking there. He actually said he felt like he cheated because the sitter had the boys 3 days, and our sister-in-law largely watched them the last 3 days because Dave was helping his brother build a garage.)

It felt so good to be so appreciated by both boys. I know they love me dearly, and I love them fiercely as well. But we spend so much time together that we never have the opportunity to actually miss each other ... or fully appreciate how awesome each of us is. This break gave us the chance to do that.

Maybe Teddy missed me, maybe not. He was certainly happy to see me. I know AJ missed me. AJ told me as much. And he asked repeatedly when I'd be home.

If I'm being perfectly honest, I didn't spend my days missing my children. I was happy to be back and happy to see them, but I didn't really miss them. I was too busy with work meetings and making the most of my time to myself. Had I been gone a bit longer, perhaps I would miss them.

Maybe I'll try that next time.

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