Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mountain Goat

If it exists, it's sole purpose is either to be climbed or mouthed. At least that's Teddy's view on things. And he's very adept at both, although I personally feel his climbing skills are a bit more impressive than chomping on everything.

For a child who cannot walk unassisted, who has low tone, who feels like you're carrying 35 pounds of Jello at times, this boy can climb. He's climbed into the trunk of my car. He's climbed onto the arm of the recliner, standing on it contemplating scaling the bookshelf until I told him no. He's climbed into every sink in our house. (He likes water a lot, so why wouldn't you climb into a sink?)

I'm not technically on the table, Mom. I'm flying like Superman!

He continues to climb across the table to retrieve what he wants, usually AJ's art supplies, toys or food. We do try to keep him off the table, both for safety and appropriate behavior, but it's a constant challenge. And needless to say, he's never too impressed when we remove him from the fun.

I've often joked that Teddy could climb Mount Everest ... and I'm not so sure that's really a joke.

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