Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's Not How Fast You Run

It's not how fast you run that matters most. It's who runs with you.

Teddy and I gave the MyTEAM TRIUMPH training runs another shot this week after our weather fizzled session. I'm so glad we did because we had the opportunity to run with 3 other Captains and 4 other Angels!

Teddy tried out one of the running chairs before the run, but we ran using our jogging stroller because there were 4 Captains and 3 chairs. I was assured they have much smaller chairs that will comfortably fit Teddy for his race, and one of the Angels told me they'd try to get one down there for future training runs if they know we're coming.

It was so neat to run with this group and get to know what motivates other Angels. Not only are there Captains who are pushed in chairs, there are also captains who hand wheel themselves and others who are able-bodied runners (who at times sprint faster than their Angels expected). It was an extremely welcoming group who, simply put, gets how to interact with people with different abilities. And they understood how excited I was to snap a picture of Teddy in one of the chairs afterward! (That is one of the other Angels holding Teddy's hands ... if you know me, you know I don't wear pink as a general rule.)

I love everything about this!

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  1. Several times in the Bible, our everyday life is described as a race. We’re off and running in this marathon, and each day presents new challenges as we hurry along. Remember that God has provided the path we’re supposed to take.

    Teddy, while running your race remember this bible verse written especially for you -- "He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go." Psalm 91:11. The Angels you are running with will take good care of you - you will fly like the wind!