Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fun Family Weekend

We headed to my family's farm this weekend in Colby. It's where I grew up, and I love bringing the boys there to get a taste of farm life, even though my folks haven't had their dairy cows in 15 years. We had a fantastic weekend, filled with birthday and father's day celebrations and plenty of fun.

These boys are my world! All smiles for a 4-wheeler ride!

Saturday morning we headed to a dairy breakfast, which is a Wisconsin tradition for June dairy month. A dairy breakfast is essentially breakfast served at a farm, highlighting dairy products and showcasing a farm for the general public. This dairy breakfast served pancakes, sausage, cheese curds, donut holes, milk/coffee and ice cream, which is pretty standard for a dairy breakfast. After breakfast, we watched them milking cows in a huge carousel milking parlor and rode a school bus around the farm to check out the operation. Teddy thought it all was pretty cool, especially the tractor he got to ride behind to go back to our car.

We spent Saturday afternoon playing outside, splashing in a small pool and playing with hoses, taking breaks to watch the neighbors make hay in the nearby field. AJ thought it was pretty neat to watch the huge round baler "poop out" giant bales of hay. Teddy, of course, thought the tractors were cool.

Teddy's favorite part of the weekend, though, was the golf cart rides. My grandpa has a golf cart that he uses to travel the mile between where he lives and my parents' house. Both boys love going for rides, and this was the first time that AJ really drove it by managing the steering wheel. He'd cackle like a maniac and steer as close as possible to all obstacles without trying to actually hit them. (He only managed to run over one rain gutter ...) Teddy thinks golf cart rides are the best thing in the world, and he's perfectly happy just hanging out on the golf cart when it's not moving.

Teddy's not afraid of AJ's driving. I think he's the only one though.

My favorite part of the weekend was watching my grandpa with Teddy. . It makes me so happy to watch the two of them together. Teddy thinks Grandpa's cane is the coolest thing in the world, and Gramps gets a kick out of watching Teddy play. I'm not certain how much Gramps really understands how much Teddy's syndrome will impact his development. But that doesn't matter because he loves Teddy just the way he is.

Few things make me happier than watching these two together.

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  1. Good to stop by your blog!! Last weekend I went to my friend’s birthday party at one of NYC venues. Her sister did wonderful entire arrangements. It was Halloween themed party. All her efforts were seen as décor was fabulously done.