Thursday, June 2, 2016

Things AJ Knows

As Teddy's only brother, AJ knows a lot of things. (He doesn't know humility yet, so he'd be among the first to tell you he knows a lot.)

AJ knows how to untie shoelaces and undo velcro straps. He hasn't learned this from his own shoes. (He prefers to cram his feet in them without ever undoing the velcro straps.) He knows this because he helps me take off Teddy's braces and is now to the point where he can do it by himself.

AJ knows that Teddy is thankful for spending his days with Miss Katelyn, their wonderful sitter who happens to be a nursing student. When I asked AJ how he knew this, AJ replied that Teddy cries when Miss Katelyn leaves.

AJ knows that Teddy likes to mountain climb. When Dave asked why Teddy was trying to climb over him the other night, AJ said, "Papa, Teddy likes to mountain climb. There are no mountains, so he's pretending you are a mountain."

AJ knows that when he has a fever of unknown origin, Teddy automatically gets Tylenol. "Silly Papa. I only get medicine before bedtime. Teddy gets it during the day." (If we don't know what causes a fever in AJ, we tend to medicate Teddy as a preventive measure to minimize the possibility of a seizure.)

AJ knows that Teddy likes to reach into containers and share other people's food. AJ had to explain this fact of life to his cousin this weekend, who understandably was a bit irritated with Teddy's thievery.

AJ knows that Teddy likes to take the easy way out and eat out of people's hands rather than pick up food, if given the chance. (As he was explaining Teddy's food sharing to his cousin, AJ picked up a piece that fell and automatically let Teddy eat it from his hand.)

AJ knows that Teddy doesn't know how to floss his teeth yet, so AJ helps him out sometimes. Trust me, AJ's the only one brave enough to try flossing Teddy's teeth. I haven't seen a dentist attempt that, and they even get paid to do that!

AJ knows the way to Children's Hospital in Neenah, all of Teddy's therapists, the word therapy and so much more. He knows to hold the elevator doors for us while Teddy slowly walks onto the elevator, and he holds the doors for other people as well.

AJ knows an awful lot. I hope he knows how much Teddy adores him.

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