Sunday, May 22, 2016


In the past few months, Teddy has shown an interest in our phones. He will still put them in his mouth but spends more time holding them and trying to make things happen on the screen. He's managed a selfie once on my phone before today.

When he was supposed to be napping, ahem, he decided he would much rather play with my phone. (This was after I abandoned all hope on this nap concept.) I deleted more than 50 blurry, unrecognizable photos that he took with glee, giggling as the clicking sound rapidly repeated. However, two of his photos actually turned out as recognizable selfies.

I like to call this "How Do My Boogers Look?"

Mind you, they're mighty blurry. His photography skills don't include holding the phone still. (Then again, neither do AJ's.) And my phone is usually blurry for self-taken pictures because of the whole Teddy touching my phone, drool and such.

This is titled "I Stole Mom's Phone During 'Nap' Time."
It's fun to see him have an interest in and doing what his therapists would call age-appropriate behavior. It's even better to have the souvenirs on my phone.

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  1. Looks like he is following in Papa's footsteps with the camera! Way to go "T"!