Saturday, April 30, 2016

Three Steps at a Time

Last December was the first time Teddy ever took a step (actually two) without holding onto anything. Then he waited until about March before repeating it. He's been taking up to two steps once every couple days and is now doing it more frequently.

Yesterday was the most we've seen him walk unassisted. He showed his therapist two steps in the morning. Then last night he repeatedly kept taking two steps and then three!

He's been working so hard for so long, so these independent steps are huge milestones for him.

Does it mean he'll be walking all over the place in the next month? Not by a long shot, although his physical therapist encouraged us yesterday to redirect him to always be walking, either holding our hands, using his gait trainer or holding onto other objects for support, instead of crawling. Although that's not realistically going to happen (because I cannot shadow him every waking hour of the day), we'll do our best to encourage more walking and less crawling ... or bunny hopping.

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