Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Little Celebrities

I know I shared our experience with I Run 4 recently, but I have an update. AJ's running buddy Bridget contacts race organizers prior to events to see if she can score a second medal for AJ. When she contacted the organizer for the Flintstone Challenge, the request came back to do a feature about I Run 4 and our family specifically.

The Flintstone Challenge is a 5k run/walk sponsored by Michigan State University- Flint campus medical students that benefits the school system in Flint, Michigan. We are always more than happy to share our story because we feel it's important to create awareness for Teddy's rare disease.

We were asked a series of thoughtful questions, although it's a bit tricky to interview a 4-year-old. AJ's answers depended on his mood, so we did our best with that part.

You can check out the full interview online:

They also shared a copy of the event newsletter with us with a really nicely done article.

It's getting hard to live with these celebrities.

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