Friday, March 11, 2016

Playtime at the Park

Earlier this week it was unseasonably warm, nearly 70 degrees. We took full advantage of the gorgeous weather by visiting three different parks in two days. Both boys had a blast at the parks, even though Teddy got soaking wet at the one park (and it wasn't so unseasonably warm that day). He loves water, so he felt the need to splash in every puddle with his hand, and he tried to faceplant into a few to drink them for good measure.

Teddy goes everywhere AJ goes!

I love seeing how much more Teddy can enjoy a park this spring than last fall. He's able to hold onto things much better and explore more.
He holds onto swings now!
It might help, though, if we could give Teddy a healthy dose of fear. His safety awareness has improved a lot in the past year, but he seems to forget about all those lessons when he's playing at a park.
Holding on with one hand ... from a kid with poor balance.

I think we'll be visiting a lot of parks as the weather warms for good this summer. We'll just have to hang on tight until spring is really here to stay.

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