Saturday, February 6, 2016

One of Those Days

We all have those days.

I knew yesterday was one of those days when we were at our 9 a.m. physical therapy appointment. It started great with Teddy doing really well balancing using his core and enjoying the activities. When we switched to walking, though, things went downhill. He quickly became frustrated and mad at me and his therapist because we were forcing him to slow down. All he wants to do is run, but he needs to learn how to shift his weight to actually walk. It's hard for me to see him frustrated, especially when I'm the one causing his frustrations, even though it's for his own benefit.

From therapy, we went to the store. Normally AJ is well behaved and accepts the fact we're not buying toys with minimal complaints. Of course, he proceeded to whine and beg for the entire time we were shopping. (Hearing the word please 100 times in 20 minutes does not make me happy.) This led to me banning AJ from tablets or movies for the entire day, which really punishes me more than him.

Since all three of us were less than happy, we headed home. That was when I got the first of two bad pieces of news for someone in our family. Lunch helped improve our moods somewhat, but then Teddy determined that he didn't need a nap. No nap for Teddy is almost a guarantee that two of us will be crabbier.

I spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to sort out medications and then insurance coverage of speech therapy for Teddy. After getting transferred to the wrong department (and finding out after spending 10 minutes on hold), I might have informed that person that I "loved wasting my time on hold to be transferred to the wrong person." When she offered to transfer me to the right department, I told her I could call the number myself to sit on hold and then hung up on her. My parents raised me better than that. I know better and usually can use my manners even when I'm frustrated to the point of tears. My apologies to that person at our insurance company. (And to my mom.)

From there, we tried another store hoping that getting out of the house would help. It didn't. We left empty handed with all three of us grumpy.

Because it was one of those days, my husband texted me that he would be late home from work. I really appreciate the heads up, but it was just one more thing.

And when the boys seemed to be playing together happily on the rocking chair, I warned AJ not to crash the chair into the wall. Let's just say that our wall has 2 new holes in it, and the rocking chair is banished to the garage.

Moral of the story: I do not have it all together. Even though I brushed my teeth before 3 p.m., it was still one of those days.

I'm glad today wasn't.

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  1. No matter how much we seem to have it together, we all do have those days! *hugs*