Sunday, February 21, 2016


Dave had to leave early for a work trip, which meant we either skipped church or I took the boys solo. At the last minute, we decided to head to 11 a.m. mass. (And by we, I mean, AJ didn't overly protest when I said that's what we were going to do.)

Teddy wasn't in agreement with this plan and fought me from the minute we arrived. Nothing held his attention for more than a minute, and he wanted to be everywhere except by me. When we finally got to the sign of peace, the lady next to us kindly offered her hand for Teddy to shake. And he grabbed hold and wouldn't let go.

Her response made it worth making the effort to attend church. She asked if Teddy would like to go by her for a bit. She held out her arms, and Teddy flung himself into them. She held him, flipped through the song book with him and had her wonderful teenage son smiling and making Teddy grin. For the first time since we got to church, Teddy was happy. Those 5 minutes or so gave me the opportunity to be grateful.

So to the lady who held Teddy, thank you! I mouthed that to you when Teddy came back to me, but I didn't push my luck with squirming Teddy and left church immediately after communion. I missed the opportunity to properly thank the woman who made church more meaningful for me today than the homily, which I barely heard while juggling Teddy.

And to the woman who came to church with 4 little ones all by herself, you amaze me.

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