Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Brotherly Love & Trampolines

Our boys are just shy of 2 years apart, the perfect amount of time to be the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Since Teddy is Teddy, he thinks they're always best of friends, and AJ's the only one who feels the worst of enemies when Teddy won't let AJ play by himself. (Can you blame Teddy? Would you want to not play with your favorite toy in the whole wide world, your older awesome brother?)

AJ's not strangling Teddy-that's just how he hugs Teddy.

Yesterday was one of those days with heart-melting moments and heart-stopping moments. Few things make me truly happier than watching AJ interact positively with Teddy, like when he spontaneously cheers and claps for Teddy doing something. "Mama, Teddy sat in the chair all by himself! Good job, Teddy!!!"

But 10 minutes later AJ's bouncing on Teddy. When I tell him to stop, his response is "We're playing trampoline." When I insist he stop because Teddy isn't a trampoline, then he throws a 4-year-old tantrum because I ruined his trampoline fun.

Give it a few hours, and AJ buckles Teddy into his gait trainer all by himself because Teddy was pulling up to stand by it when I wasn't in the room. Then AJ leads Teddy around the house, playing with him with non-stop giggles from both of them.

The heart-stopping moment was when AJ jumped out of our recliner to land squarely on Teddy who was crawling on the floor, right on top of Teddy's head. That was one of those moments where Teddy and I both screamed equally loud because I was scared and worried about how hurt Teddy was. I think he was more scared about being a landing pad for a human cannonball than actually hurt, so we both calmed down pretty quickly. We'll see if AJ's lesson on jumping on people is learned. (I'm crossing my fingers it is-he was apologetic immediately and realized he hadn't done a good thing.)

Bedtime might have came a bit early last night, not that they fell asleep any sooner.

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