Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Have a Herd of Reindeer

Last month, I somehow managed to order two sets of rain boots from Amazon instead of one. Woops. Then, we magically had an Amazon order show up that I couldn't really remember ordering. (Dave said he was going to take advantage of that magic order by putting a new camera in the cart that magically orders itself.)

So imagine my panic when 10 inflatable bouncy reindeer arrive at my door, instead of a lone reindeer. I had ordered one reindeer for Teddy as a Christmas present ... not an entire herd! At least that's what I thought. As quickly as my children would allow, I was digging through my past orders on Amazon to make sure I hadn't somehow managed to order 10 instead of 1 ... sneaky extra 0.

Thankfully, I had ordered and paid for one. After contacting the company that we received one box of ungulates instead of one, we were told the herd was ours. (OK, they actually said to donate them to a charity of our choice, which is where most of them will go.)

I think Teddy will enjoy his reindeer, and it's a perfect way for him to work his core muscles, which still need a lot of work. Sitting on this forces him to balance, much like many of the exercises he doesn't enjoy in PT. In fact, I'm thinking one of our herd will be donated to the place where he goes for therapy, so other children can have more fun than doing sit-ups.

Aside from horns to hold onto, this also attracts the AJ brother to play with him. These are not intended for multiple riders, but I do know from personal experience with a green cow version that my two children will cram on one critter. It's sort of like bull riding rodeo-style. Ain't nobody going to last 8 seconds.

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