Tuesday, October 4, 2016


One of the unique things about Teddy is that he still prefers to bunny hop as his mode of transportation. He'll crawl properly (never knew that was a thing, did ya?) sometimes, and he'll choose to walk when he wants. But bunny hopping is easiest and fastest for him, so it's what he does.

Bunny hopping is exactly what it sounds like ... it looks like he's hopping like a bunny. And he's cute like a bunny, which is why we don't call it frog hopping I guess.

Bunny hopping may move Teddy from point A to point B quickly, but it also destroys his pants. I've seen him take a brand new pair of jeans, wearing them only for the second time, and put holes in both knees in a single afternoon. Hopping around on concrete does that to jeans. In fact, Teddy is the only child I've known to have worn holes in his shorts. Two pairs this summer ... apparently they were just long enough that the fabric covered the part of his knees otherwise known as his landing pads.

The end result is we have a lot of pairs of pants with holes in the knees. Those become the clothes for up north or around the house, and I send him to school in pants that haven't been shredded yet. (That's my plan, at least until I run out.)

Coming back from up north, we stopped for ice cream. As Dave was leaving with Teddy, he overheard a table of teenage girls commenting on how cute Teddy looked with his ripped jeans.

Yes, my child is a fashionista. He's wearing the hottest trend.

It's only because his coping mechanisms for his low tone destroy his clothes, but that's beside the point. Dave now plans to sell Teddy's pants online as custom fashion jeans. At the rate Teddy works his magic, he can design a new pair every week. Dave's planning to sell them for $50/pair.

I doubt Dave will actually start his joint business venture with Teddy. But just in case you have some extra 4T pants, I could cut you a deal if you want to be a supplier for this great opportunity.

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