Monday, August 22, 2016

3 Year Pictures

It only took us a month or so to take Teddy's 3-year-old pictures. He didn't mind waiting ... and the pictures were well worth the wait. It's amazing how much of his personality and zest for life you can capture on camera in 10 seconds. Realistically, that's about how long he held still before he'd make a beeline for the stairs to climb them and see where else he could go explore outside. Here's the incredible adorable boy who is responsible for my increasingly buff arms, a good dash of worry, plenty of prayers, a full heart, and most days, a better perspective on life.

This is pure Teddy. Smiling and slightly on the move, given the artistically blurred foot.

Smiling yet almost serious for Teddy.

What in the world are you doing Mama?

His smile reflects his pure joy.

Let's just say AJ was helping edit this picture: 3-eyed Teddy Monster.

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