Sunday, April 17, 2016

Teddy Time

With Dave out of town for a trade show this weekend, I happily accepted my in-law's offer to watch AJ for the weekend. AJ got to spend the weekend playing with his three oldest cousins, getting spoiled rotten and loving every minute.

And I got some 1:1 time with Teddy. The last time I had any considerable amount of time with Teddy alone was after his last surgery in August 2015. My parents kindly took AJ for a week after Teddy split his stitches open, just to make life a bit easier without having to referee two children.

Teddy and I made the most of our time together. For the first time ever, I took Teddy running with me. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we hit the trail for my 6-mile training run. It's been probably close to 2 years since I've pushing the stroller while running, and the most I've ever ran with it before was 4 miles. Holy cow! I either forgot how much harder it is pushing a running stroller or I'm woefully out of shape. Since I have a half marathon in a week, I'm hoping it's not the latter.

All smiles after our run! (I was smiling because we were done.)

We got to watch my goddaughter at her first gymnastics meet. Teddy determined he would like free reign of the entire gymnastics gym. There's a lot of cool looking things to climb, plenty of things to hold onto and the flour is bouncy. What could be more fun?

We capped off the day with friends over for dinner and plenty of playing outside. We brought out the swings for the first time this year, and Teddy loved that. The best part is my good friend's daughters play extremely well with my boys, and they're pretty good about entertaining Teddy. It allows me to actually carry on a conversation without having to step away every minute or two.

My plans for Teddy's naps and when he went to bed were to spend my "me" time working on a painting I've wanted to do for about a year. I made good progress during Teddy's nap, which is good because he decided to keep me company until 10:30 p.m. Although he was tired, he simply thought I was too awesome to leave alone.

My house at 10 p.m. Perfectly normal, right?
Thankfully, the upside of only one child at home is that I didn't have AJ waking me up at 6 a.m. I got to sleep until nearly 7 a.m. and enjoy a whopping 20 minutes of time to read before Teddy joined me for the day. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and a bit of play before picking up AJ around noon.
If it exists, Teddy climbs it.
As I had two children screaming for more than 30 minutes on the way home, I truly appreciated the blessing of having the 1:1 time with Teddy. Trust me, it's much more relaxing to just have one child screaming instead of the second one screaming that it's too loud.

Believe it or not, I actually finished my painting!

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  1. I'm glad you and Teddy enjoyed your 1:1 time. AJ says he had fun with his cousins as well. Your painting is beautiful! Win, win, win!